Introduction to BCNP

Dr. Hairin Anisa binti Tajuddin officially commenced an ambulatory care center (Pusat Rawatan Pakar Kanak-kanak Adda) in November 2015. In her efforts to promote and increase the breastfeeding rates in Malaysia, the Breastfeeding Counsellor Networking Programme (BCNP) was inaugurated in January 2016 comprising close to 20 certified breastfeeding counsellors who were mostly from the state of Johor.  

Today, this program has expanded nationwide with more than 150 certified Lactation Counsellors and Breastfeeding Peer Counsellors, who are committed to guiding breastfeeding mothers in the comfort of their own homes by conducting home visit counselling sessions. The official website: 

The idea of BCNP was conceived when Dr.Hairin Anisa conducted a home visit counselling session for a mother who needed help with breastfeeding but at the same time was battling depression. This mother was in a serious state as she had gone to the extent of having strong feelings of wanting to kill her baby. She was also taking care of her other children all by herself and lacked a support system. To add on to her stress, her first child was very active and she was unable to attend to him because she needed to restrict her movements due to severe haemorrhoids (PR bleed). Dr.Hairin Anisa realised that this mother sought comfort in her as she was able to provide this mother with a listening ear and a shoulder for her to cry on in order to relieve her stress. Subsequently, Dr.Hairin Anisa brought along medication to treat the haemorrhoids and taught her how to breastfeed her baby using correct and comfortable techniques. The mother was then advised to go for a psychiatrist assessment and treatment after she felt better.  

This experience ignited the significant need for home visit services for breastfeeding mothers. Hence, the idea of BCNP was developed mainly to help mothers who are in dire need of urgent attention and guidance to establish successful breastfeeding which could prevent or reduce the impact of situations like post-partum depression, or worse scenarios such as suicide or homicide. This program upholds the promotion, support, and protection of breastfeeding parents. BCNP believes that all information shared and delivered to clients should be CORRECT, COMPLETE, and CONVINCING.