The successfulness of breastfeeding requires sustainable ecosystem covering from mother and baby, professional assistant with digital platform as the medium to achieve it. BCNP was established to promote, support and protect the practice of breastfeeding through three approaches ; blended learning to train breastfeeding activists, transfer of knowledge and skills of breastfeeding to mothers and application of knowledge and skills by mothers to infants. Uniquely, BCNP provides digital solutions in addition to face-to-face assistance, and has been acknowledged for their fast and efficient services. BCNP has a direct impact on the improvement of knowledge and skills, thus ensuring that the information presented is accurately, comprehensively and convincingly. Based on the Post Intervention Study conducted on 58 breastfeeding activists, they has expressed satisfaction with the opportunity and payment to provide guidance to customers as well as knowledge improvement. While a retrospective study on 72 BCNP clients has stated that they received a very fast assistance and boosted their confidence to breastfeed their babies. This study proves that BCNP successfully provides sustainable digital solutions to support and succeed in breastfeeding.