Objective, Mission & Vision


1. All breastfeeding clients will receive urgent attention and guidance on managing breastfeeding challenges from well-trained Lactation Counsellors and Breastfeeding Peer Counsellors.

2. All lactation activists under BCNP and other organisations will be updated on current evidence-based practices by organising seminars/webinars, conferences and training workshops. 

3. The function of lactation activists will be uplifted by standard professional payment for home visit services. 

4. Awareness of the importance of lactation activists as a support system for all breastfeeding mothers and babies will be increased and; lactation activists will be appreciated by the community. 

Mission & Vision

1. Increase exclusive breastfeeding rate in Malaysia. 

2. Ensure that breastfeeding becomes a norm and is the standard feeding practice for all children from birth until 2 years or beyond. 

3. Ensure that all mothers get urgent help and assistance to address their breastfeeding problems by engaging in home visit counselling services conducted by trained lactation activists (Lactation Counsellors or Breastfeeding Peer Counsellors). 

4. Appreciate and create awareness on the presence and function of lactation activists in our community.  

5. Take care of the welfare of certified Lactation Counsellors or Breastfeeding Peer Counsellors by giving them allowances for their indispensable service, which would also be intrinsic motivation to continue their advocacy in successful breastfeeding.