Fees vary according to the counsellor’s certification level, duration of the counselling session, distance to the client’s house. These are at the discretion of the counsellor. 

Lactation Consultant (IBCLC): RM 120 – RM 200  

Lactation Counsellor: RM 60 – RM 100  

BF Peer Counsellor: RM 50 – RM 80  

If the distance to the client’s house exceeds a 30 km round-trip radius, an extra charge of RM 10 or more (depends on type of transportation i.e. GRAB) applies to cover the counsellor’s transportation cost.  

Homevisit package includes :

  • Counsellor will guide and assist mother to breastfeed her baby with no limit of counselling session duration, until mother feels confident.
  • Mother may contacting the counsellor repeatedly through whatsapp or telephone calls, if any she requires further help to establish breastfeeding.
  • Counsellor / BCNP should do follow up on requested mother to ensure they are successfully breastfeed her infant (except mothers refuse this seervice / failed to establish breastfeeding)