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Twenty-two professional (age 25.6 ± 4.9 years) and 22 amateur (age 23.1 ± 0.7 years) male soccer players played three small-sided game formats (4 vs. 3, 4 vs. 5, and 4 vs. 7). Results revealed that a higher the number of opponents required for more frequent ball controls. Moreover, with a higher number of teammates, there were more defensive actions focused on protecting the goal, with more players balancing. A numerical advantage led to less exploratory behavior, an effect that was especially clear when playing within a team of seven players against four opponents.

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Cruel Blow To Luis Suarez At World Cup

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  • Get under the ball to reverse the ball’s rotation so it stops more quickly.
  • Consider using an ad blocker when visiting any unknown site, and always be careful about what you select.
  • Gameplay in Pro Soccer Online is completely input driven, not animation driven like many other sports games.
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The division into ahead, tied, and behind, or indeed any score difference, is a simple heuristic that may underestimate the strategic nature of time-wasting. Offline soccer games mean no more dependence on the internet connection. You can enjoy the game on the go on your Android device or even when the Wi-Fi connection is down. These actions were evaluated each second, following the suggestions of Mendes and Malacarne . The two repetitions of the same small-sided games were sequenced and summed, resulting in three 6 min situations for each AMA team and three 6 min situations for each PRO team. The interval and ratio scales, i.e. positional data, are maximally objective and due to this property they intrinsically have larger potential for generalization. However, space-time data are not able to provide direct information on which tasks individual players were exploring and in what context, within free soccer games online the game. Because we were interested in the technical-tactical and exploratory behavior in the discrete task-space the nominal scale was the scale of choice.